NBA analyst thinks Stephen Curry still has “work to do” to join the greatest starting five in NBA history.

NBA Analyst Believes Stephen Curry Still Has 'Work To Do' To Become A Part  Of The All-Time NBA Starting Five - Fadeaway World

The list of honors Stephen Curry has received is extensive. The discussion surrounding Steph Curry’s place among the all-time starting five was sparked by his fourth NBA championship last year.

NBA analyst Nick Wright recently talked about this very thing. Despite Stephen Curry’s decorated career, Wright still believes that he is behind Magic Johnson on the all-time NBA starting five.

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“Magic Johnson played 12 years in the league before he had to retire due to HIV,” Wright said. “In those 12 seasons, he was amongst the top-three MVPs nine times. He was First Team All-NBA nine times. He made the NBA Finals nine times. So, 75% of his years, his team was in the NBA Finals, and he was considered at the end of the year the best, second-best, or third-best player in the league. He won the MVP award three times. He won five rings. Steph has work to do, but to me, what Steph has done is put himself, not in the conversation for the all-time pantheon, but he’s right there.”

Stephen Curry is surely one of the best point guards of all time. But considering what Magic achieved in his career, it’s only natural for fans to feel that he is the greatest point guard of all time.

Stephen Curry vs. Magic Johnson: Who Is The Greatest Point Guard Of All Time?

Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson are two of the most influential basketball players of all time. While Steph changed the modern-day game by using the three-point shot to its full potential, Magic’s rivalry with Larry Bird essentially saved the NBA in the 1980s.

But let’s focus on what the two players achieved in their careers. When it comes to scoring and 1-on-1 game, there’s no doubt that Curry takes the win. But for everything else, such as passing, athleticism, leadership, etc., Johnson undoubtedly gets the dub over Curry.

When our writer Eddie Bitar made a full comparison between Steph and Magic, he reached the conclusion that Johnson is still the greatest point guard of all time.

But that doesn’t mean Steph can’t surpass Magic. In fact, if Curry can win two more rings before retiring from the NBA, he will have a very strong case for being regarded as the GOAT point guard.


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