WRONG JEN, BEN Ben Affleck chats to ex Jennifer Garner on school run after frosty exchange with new wife Jennifer Lopez

HOLLYWOOD star Ben Affleck Jens up on the school run — but it’s his ex Jennifer Garner in this roadside chat, not wife Jennifer Lopez.

Ben and his first wife were together for ten years until 2015 and remained friends for the sake of their three children.

Ben Affleck was snapped chatting to his ex Jennifer Garner on the school runCredit:

3Ben went viral last week as he helped wife J-Lo into their car, but fans were quick to point out the pair’s frosty body languageCredit: BackGrid

They appeared in good spirits when they crossed paths in LA.

It was a grumpier Ben who went viral last week after a clip of him and new wife J-Lo with frosty body language circulated online.

Looking drained, the Armageddon star helped the pop beauty into their car – though fans were quick to note their frosty body language.

Speculation about Ben and Jen’s rekindled romance has been rife ever since they were caught exchanging tense words at the premiere of her new film The Mother earlier this month.

The couple finally made it down the aisle last August in Georgia after falling in love one more – three decades after their first engagement.

We recently revealed sources claim Ben, 50, is growing tired of 53-year-old J-Lo’s diva demands for everything to be “perfect” in the quest to find their dream home, while they have also been pictured arguing at red-carpet dos as he takes issue with her revealing tops.

Jennifer has already spoken about how tricky moving their “blended” families in together has been.

But recovering alcoholic Ben is said to prefer a more relaxed approach to life than the businesslike singer.

An industry insider fears that the combustible mix could tip the fledgling relationship over the edge when their film Unstoppable heads towards production.

3The newlyweds were also caught exchanging tense words at the premiere of The Mother this monthCredit: Rex


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